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Outstanding embroidery services for your next event

Embroidery Services

What gives a business a competitive edge over the rest? The right image. Get that image by choosing one of the outstanding embroidery services provided by Energy Graphics. We give you custom-tailored workwear, a wide array of customization options, and a new level of branding opportunities.

In this months blog, Energy Graphics look at why you should be using embroidered workwear to promote your business, and how we can provide you with all the advertising you need in a sustainable way. 

Logo embroidery to get your business seen 

If you are in the midst of planning your next exhibition or event, you will surely be thinking about how to stage your products, the colours you will use and the promotional products you need to purchase before the big day. The big question is though, have you thought about the uniform your staff members are going to wear and what this will look like?

Ensuring your team members have matching uniforms, even if you are only wearing embroidered polo shirts has a number of benefits to your stand and to your business which we will look into more later in this blog. Branded uniforms are a great way of bringing your team together, making them feel like part of a positive team and ultimately, getting your business seen and remembered by potential customers! 

Promote your business through embroidered workwear

If you’re looking for an easy way to give your staff professional clothing that looks like it’s been made by professionals then this could be just what you need! The quality of embroidered logos will always be better than printing because they are created using high-resolution digital machines which means there won’t be any mistakes in colour matching or placement.

Unlike other methods such as screenprinting where colours fade over time, embroidered logos last much longer due to their durability. When you’re looking at ways to improve the durability of your products, embroidered logos will stand up better than other forms of printing. The material that’s used in embroidery is much stronger than inkjet prints, meaning that items like jackets won’t fade over time. This also means that embroidered logos don’t need to be replaced every few years – unlike those printed using inkjet technology.

Benefits of embroidered clothing 

At Energy Graphics, we love embroidered clothing – from the concept and design to the process of creating it for you. There are so many benefits to choosing embroidery for your workwear and we have put a list of the top five benefits here for you: 

  • Make a proud statement about your business and brand – you should be proud of the business you have worked for and the successes you have achieved. Show that off with your bright bold uniforms. 
  • Support and motivate your staff to be part of a team – A uniform brings your team together like nothing else. Make them feel a part of something special and join them to support your business by choosing a brilliant design for your clothing. 
  • Free continuous advertising for your company – Your uniforms will last long after your exhibition has finished. It’s the perfect way of creating free long term advertising for your brand. 
  • A great range of choices and colours – The world is your oyster when you choose to have your workwear embroidered. Let the Energy Graphics team create eye-catching designs in an array of colours to show off your brand. 
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly – Due to its durability and material type, embroidery is much more environmentally friendly than some other design choices, meaning you can keep following your business’ environmentally friendly policy. 

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Energy Graphics – your sustainable embroidery team 

In the busy life of a business person, there is one thing that can make a huge impact on your business and that is workwear. You can have a great marketing plan, a great social media strategy but none of that will matter if you aren’t seen in the right workwear at the right time. It’s a major part of a marketing campaign and a major part of a business. Choose Energy Graphics for your embroidery workwear.

Energy Graphics is an Aylesbury based business that is dedicated to providing workwear for your business, whether you have a team of people or you’re just a one-man-band. Speak to Energy Graphics today and check out what else we could help your business with.